Familie leben

Getting a new family member is beautiful. At the same time there are endless questions and uncertainties. Helping hands are needed. This affects both the pregnancy and the time after birth.


We want to strengthen and support you to maintain the good relationship with your child.


Support and counseling for families with infants and toddlers.

  • open to all parents
  • free
  • We will come to your home on request
  • We advise you on development and education issues
  • we advise on financial matters
  • we arrange further help offers


In order for the baby to be well, it is important to understand his language. That's how I contribute to his relaxation. This creates more time and energy for me as a mother or father.

  • What does my baby need when it screams?
  • What can it express?
  • Can I understand his signals?
  • What do I do if my baby does not sleep or does not like to eat?
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    Psychologisches Beratungszentrum; Diakonisches Werk Husum gGmbH
    Woldsenstraße 47
    25813 Husum Theodor-Storm-Straße 7
    25813 Husum


    • Woldsenstraße 47, 25813 Husum
    • Alternativ: Route via NAH SH Nah SH