Kinderschutz-Zentrum Westküste

Offers for children and adolescents


We help you

  • if you are alone with your worries and you want to talk
  • if you are threatend, bullied or beaten
  • if someone wants to persuade you or force you to do something that you do not like
  • if you are touched, sexually harassed or abused against your will
  • when your parents are arguing so much that you get scared or can not stand it anymore
  • If you want to help a friend who has experienced violence
  • If you want to become more courageous and strengthen your self-confidence


For the first interview, you may like to come with a friend or another person of your trust.


Offers for parents and caregivers


We support you

    • when you reach your limits in the education of your child
    • If you exercise violence against your child or are worried that this could happen
    • if there is violence between you and your partner in your family
    • if your child has been sexually abused or mistreated or they fear it
    • if your child is attracted by (sexual) violent behavior
    • if your family is in an acute crisis as a result of experiencing violence
    • if you have experienced war in your country and have fled
    • if you are worried about a child, a young person or a young person from your environment


For a personal conversation, please call us or send us an e-mail. You usually get an appointment shortly.


Additional offers


We offer

    • Consulting in general
    • Expert advice according to §8a, b SGB VIII and $ 4 KKG
    • Case Consulting Group
    • Specialist counseling and supervision as part of the project trauma pedagogy in the KiTa (TIK)
    • Advice and support in the development of child protection concepts
    • Prevention of sexual violence in daycare centers, schools, clubs and associations
    • Further education for paed. Professionals on all aspects of child protection and child well-being
    • Information events and parent evenings on child protection topics
    • Advising and accompanying families after escaping
    • Psychosocial process monitoring


For more information about our offers or if you would like to receive a special offer for your facility please do not hesitate to contact us.

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