Adults education

Adults in Germany have the opportunity to obtain further education and get school qualifications or general qualifications. This is called in Germany the "zweite Bildungsweg" and which can be translate like the second path of qualification / training. This means that, for example, you attend community education center, open-distance universities or Telekollegs (a culturally specific institution in Germany with some sort of distance learning programme) and receive a qualified degree there.

The costs are very different and have to be paid by the course participants. In some cases, the costs may also be covered by the (Ausländerbehörde) Immigration Office, (Agentur für Arbeit) the Employment Agency or the Jobcenter (Job Center).

There are many different offers, such as language courses, integration courses or computer courses, graduation courses or music courses. Many of the offers take place in the evening at the Volkshochschulen (community education centers), others, however, also in distance learning or e-learning. Thus, you have the opportunity to expand your education from home. Find out about the course offers at the community education centers.