Language and integration courses

Learning the German language and legal system is very important for you to be able to participate in everyday life. It also helps you to find a job. Therefore, you should attend language and integration courses as soon as possible.

What is an integration course?

The integration course consists of a language and orientation course. He ends with a language test and the test "Living in Germany".

How well you speak German is divided into the following six levels:

  • A1 – Beginner
  • A2 – Basics
  • B1 – Advanced
  • B2 – self-employed
  • C1 – technical language
  • C2 – almost mother tongue knowledge

The goal of the language test in an integration course is level B1. With this level you have very good chances to find a job in the job market.

Proof of the levels is very important for staying in Germany.
Also, to get a job, these certificates are very helpful.

Where can I get the certificate?
You will receive the certificate from the language school where you are doing the course.