Studies in Schleswig-Holstein

To study in Germany you have to have a general qualification for university entrance or advanced technical college entrance qualification. These qualifications can be obtained at a « Gymnasium » or a « Gemeinschaftsschule » (see school types).

At all the universities, you can do a bachelor and a master degree. These are uniformly recognized throughout Europe.

High school graduated people can apply for any degree program. Applicants are selected according to different criteria. These include, for example, the final grade, previous experience and the waiting period.

Persons with the Fachhochschulreife (advanced technical college entrance qualification) can study at a Fachhochschule (advanced technical college).


  • are scientific
  • enable doctorate (PhD) and habilitation (professorship)
  • have a mainly theoretical education

Advanced technical college

  • work very practice-oriented
  • he studies are tailored to a specific job
  • studies include practical trainings and internships.

Institute of art, film, and music

  • are artistic subjects, for example visual arts, drama, dance, graphics, singing, as well as modern media (directors, cameramen, scriptwriters, etc.)

In Schleswig-Holstein there are these universities and colleges:

Advance technical colleges


The study at state universities is free of charge. However, the universities in Schleswig-Holstein charge a semester fee. The semester fees are currently between € 65 and € 120.00 per semester (per 6 months). Private universities impose high tuition fees.

The colleges and universities and advance technical colleges advise and inform through the Student Guidance and Counselling Centre.

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