DAZ - German as a second language

Not all children who come to Germany or grow up here can speak German. In order to still be able to work successfully in school, they receive special support in DaZ centers (German as a second language).

DaZ centers can exist at all general education schools and are always part of the school. They are structured in several stages:

Basic level (level 1)

Here children with little or no knowledge of German are intensively supported 20 to 25 hours per week.

As a rule, children change to the advanced level after one to two years (Level 2). However, if the child has to start learning first the alphabet at school, he or she can stay in the basic level for up to three years.

Advanced Level (Level 2)

Here, the pupils attend the regular lessons of their grade level. In addition, they receive German lessons for two to six hours a week.

Integration level (level 3)

In the final stage, the pupils are supported by language-sensitive instruction in understanding German as an educational language as well as possible.


The level and the kind of school of children and adolescents depend on their age and language level. Children under the age of 16 are schooled at the DaZ centers in general education schools. Older adolescents up to the age of 18 are, if possible, at the DaZ centers of vocational schools.

In Germany compulsory education is independent of the residence status. Please register as a parent your children at the school even if they are not yet registered at a registration office.